Vision & Mission

College Motto
(a righteous Heart seeks after Wisdom)

Our Vision

“Fashioning of an Enlightened Society founded on a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, a Secular Outlook
on Life, a Thirst for Moral Values as well as an Unflinching Faith in God.”

Our Mission

“To provide an environment
  • That facilitates the holistic development of the individual
  • That enables the students to play a vital role in the nation building process and contribute to the progress of humanity
  • That disseminates knowledge even beyond the academia
  • That instils in the students, a feel for frontier disciplines and cultivates a concern for the environment
by setting lofty standards in the ever evolving teacher-learner interface.”

Graduate Attributes

  1. Faith in God and faith in oneself

  2. Physical and mental fitness

  3. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  4. Intercultural and ethical competency evidenced through a readiness to serve humanity (SH) & planet

  5. Critical thinking, problem solving and research aptitude

  6. Deep discipline knowledge

  7. Readiness to take the first step (leadership)

  8. Teamwork and communication skills (career readiness)