College Anthem

Stopping by the shimmering shores of Time
Musing on the timeless truths sublime
Seekers sight a gleam on flaming wings
‘Sacred Heart’, their soul enchanted sings:

Blest are we on this bracing shore
Blissfully gleaning pearls of lore
Pilgrims on these pastures green
Seek in joy hinter lands unseen

Sacred Hearts, Abode of Light
Shine on bright, abide in hearts
Sacred Heart, Shrine of Light
Shower your beams, make us one at heart

Righteous heart ever seeks aright
Rarer joys of wisdom pure n’right
Smile of thy face soothe our sail
a-Cross high seas in thunder ‘n hail

As thee blaze in glory trail
We too swell in thy gallant sail
Days in thy shade, help us unveil
Skies of the soul where freedom prevail (Sacred Heart…)

Children of the Hearts – we-join our hands
To love, to learn, to grow together
Children of the Hearts-we-join our souls

To dare, to dream, to live for the other (Sacred Heart…)
Master benign, Anchor divine
Hallowed be thy home amain
Grant us to bless, grant us love
All that proclaim thy grandeur n’ love (Sacred Heart…)

Lyrics by: P J Philip, Tom C Thomas
Music Composer : Deepak Dev
Music sung by : Vinod Verma