Department of English


Angelina P. J.
BA English 2020-23
Three years that taught me to think, speak, learn, laugh and enjoy. Yes it was a mixture of all emotions . From a girl who didn’t even know how to travel by bus alone, it moulded me into a confident youngster with a lot of dreams. Good teachers who stayed with us in all our ups and downs. Moreover the whole credit goes to my friends, where each one of them made me smile and laugh in every situation . I learnt a lot from them. Their ideas and perspectives literally made me admire them. They were good books that gave me new insights. Yes after the pandemic when we met together we were a group of strangers but finally it turned out to be a beautiful family. Even though the management was a bit strict, I firmly believe that now we can move through every hardship because we are trained to sort out everything in life. We are moulded into youngsters with good potential and moreover with a good heart who can understand and love all, like the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Aiswarya S. Bhat
BA English 2020-23
Studying in the East Campus went by in a blink. It started off in online mode, making it extremely difficult for all of us to get used to life in quarantine. Second year was quite interesting. We were meeting each other in person for the first time, we had to organise things as a class and our first fest, Aquilae brought us all together. Even though the development of the infrastructure took a lot of time, our teachers never made the college feel incomplete. One of the major reasons why I loved going to college were the teachers in the English department. They were always the strongest guiding force, through thick and through thin. When a few of them left after our second year, it hurt a lot. But the new teachers that joined were as understanding and compassionate as the ones before them.  Francis sir was not just the campus VP but also the strongest pillar of the English department, always smiling and approachable for us students.  By the end of third year, when we had all settled in, it was already time for us to leave. Personally, it took some time for me to process that three years had already passed by and we were graduating now. Through all the ups and downs, the mental breakdowns and the pressures of winning a fest, the most precious memory I hold close to my heart is our attachment and the bond we share with our teachers who never failed to be supportive and kind.  I will always be grateful for the experiences, both good and bad along with the lessons life taught us when we grew out of our teens during our time in SH which is what turned me into the person I am now.
Nishana Habeeb
BA English 2020-23
Entering college was something that I was really scared of once I completed my schooling. As a person who studied at the same school for 10 years, I was unsure of my ability to adjust to a new setting and establish new friends. But one year of online classes and two years of offline classes made me not only a punctual and responsible student but also a very capable person who excelled in extracurricular activities too. Even the college’s programmes and workshops were always beneficial for each and every one of us in every way. I’m extremely delighted and proud to have graduated from this esteemed college, which helped me become the very focused and timely person I am today. I’m really proud to be a Heartian.