Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The, the entrepreneurship development club of SH East Campus is formed with the objective of inculcating entrepreneurship qualities in students and to develop awareness on the attitudes, values, and skills required for successful entrepreneurship. The activities of the club are oriented towards developing and implement solutions for social,cultural and environmental issues. This includes promotion of entrepreneurial traits, sensitization on entrepreneurship and  innovation,promotion of first-generation businessmen and support for start-ups.

The club also have the proposal to work on social entrepreneurship by which the innovations and guidance can be extended to the society to pursue suitable solutions for the social problems, guidance and support for the traditional entrepreneurship inadopting to latest innovations. The flagship program for the club will be organizing an entrepreneurship summit in which great business ideas generated by the students are presented. The business ideas can be adopted by the business aspirants to conceive and commence a new start up.


Talk series on different aspects of Entrepreneurship and innovation by eminent personalities
Workshop and mentorship for creating innovative business ideas
Innovative business idea generation contest
Add-on course on entrepreneurship development
Business proposal presentation
Establish campus – start ups
EC Office
  • 85472 20360
  • 85472 84360
Contact Address
  • East Campus,
  • Sacred Heart College,
  • Pandit Karuppan Road, Thevara,
  • kochi,682013,
  • Kerala,India