SH East Campus

The East Campus is the new, forward-looking wing of Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Kochi. It is envisaged as the backbone of its foray into frontier academic disciplines. The East Camps is distinguished in the diversity of its academic programmes as well as in its approach to academics, with special emphasis on research and knowledge creation as befits higher education. Apart from conventional stress on knowledge, the campus endeavours to cultivate in its students habits such as self-discipline, critical thinking, inquisitiveness and social and emotional intelligence, which are the attributes of holistic education. It also seeks to promote a multicultural learning environment without compromising the great values enshrined in our constitution and the rich Indian heritage of interiority, and lasting and self-sacrificing relationships. SH East Campus started functioning in the academic year 2020-21 with four UG programmes and one PG programme. The campus functions more or less independently of the Main Campus, as envisioned by the state government in its policy on introducing self-financing programmes in aided colleges, and shall have activities, rules and regulations specific to the campus. Taking cognizance of the significance of skill development as a national priority, the programmes on the campus endeavour to lay adequate emphasis on skill development in the respective disciplines. The academic requirements of the East Campus include earning the required number of credits and the completion of four extra credits earned through add-on courses, besides completing the mandatory 40-hour service-learning module.