East Campus Quality Assurance Cell

The East Campus Quality Assurance Cell (ECQAC) functions as the dedicated IQAC wing at East Campus. Our primary objective is to ensure the highest standards of quality assurance within the East Campus. As an annex of the main campus IQAC Wing, ECQAC is responsible for monitoring and overseeing all activities within the East Campus. The key functions of ECQAC include monitoring the ongoing events and initiatives in the East Campus, ensuring proper reporting and documentation of all activities. We strive to maintain transparency and accuracy in recording the happenings within the campus. At ECQAC, we operate in harmony with the IQAC of the main campus, aligning our activities with their established guidelines and standards. By doing so, we contribute to the overall quality enhancement and assurance efforts of the institution. Our dedicated team ensures the East Campus maintains the highest quality standards in academics, administration, and student welfare through effective monitoring, accurate reporting, and meticulous documentation, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Core Team
Anjana S (Department of Commerce)
Abhijith Radhakrishnan (Department of English)
Renson Tomy (Department of Commerce)
EC Office
  • 85472 20360
  • 85472 84360
  • eastcampus@shcollege.ac.in
Contact Address
  • East Campus,
  • Sacred Heart College,
  • Pandit Karuppan Road, Thevara,
  • kochi,682013,
  • Kerala,India