Student Support Schemes

It is the policy of the college that no student who is admitted to the college on merit shall discontinue his/her studies because of financial constraints. Accordingly, the college has made provision to reach out to those students who need financial/material support for their education.
The Students’ Welfare Trust of the college, in association with the Parent-Teacher Association, has made provision to help the needy students in the form of books, study materials and meal coupons in addition to financial support.


According to the scholarship policy of the East Campus, 10% of the students who obtained admission in the merit category will be awarded 50% of their Tuition Fee as scholarship in the first semester. The scholarship will be continued on the basis of a sustained performance in each semester (say a minimum performance level of A or A+). The selection of such candidates will be on a merit-cum- means basis. Only those candidates whose parents’ annual income is below 3 lakhs per annum will be eligible to apply for the scholarship.
The selection of the candidates for scholarship in this 
category shall be on an annual basis and on the basis of his/her academic performance. Similarly, a candidate who avails scholarship in any other category shall not be eligible for this scholarship.


Students who are outstanding in their academic and service activities in the college shall be offered paid assistantships. Their task shall be to assist the faculty in conducting remedial sessions for those who need help in their academic work.
The number of such assistantships shall be on an as-needed 
basis. Students who wish to avail the scholarship/assistantship may apply in the prescribed form available in the office/website.

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