M.Sc Environmental Science

This is a two-year postgraduate Programme that offers a wide range of career opportunities in a plethora of fields: environmental biology, environmental engineering, environmental modeling, environmental journalism, environmental toxicology, and the like and hence Environmental science is emerging as one of the most sought after careers as people throughout the world are becoming more and more aware about the significance of a clean environment. Candidates with keen interest in studying the concepts and principles related to environment in depth can choose M.Sc. Environment Science Programme. This Programme is intended to make the candidates to get trained in the solutions for the protection of environment, environmental pollution and hazards, natural disasters, ecosystem disaster risk reduction and environmental management.

A variety of teaching and learning approaches are adopted including lectures, seminars, group discussions, debates, laboratory experiments and field study to impart what is envisaged by the Programme. Laboratory analysis and the various tests equip the candidates to learn how to test and analyse different test samples, analyse and interpret the tests results. Different other pedagogical methods are also employed like oral and poster presentations, on the spot assignments, field investigation and writing its report and writing articles and essays on environmentally relevant topics, training on disaster management and risk reduction, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) analysis, mandatory field visits and finally an entire semester devoted to environment related research project and internship in reputed institutes.

Scope of M.Sc Environmental Science