MA Sociology

The answers to challenging questions about the world we live in today can only be explored through research, observation, evidence, and analysis. An understanding of the world beyond our individual experiences can be achieved by being a student of sociology. The Master of Arts in Sociology is a course designed to equip students to critically engage with the social environment in which they live thereby equipping the young minds to understand and act with ethical neutrality and to respond productively on contemporary social issues.

MA Sociology is a two-year full-time Programme that will impart comprehensive knowledge of important concepts, issues, and theories in sociology. The Programme aims to provide students with deep insights into the functioning of society and culture, various social institutions and social phenomena, human behaviour and interactions between social actors and society and diverse realities in human society in general and Indian society in particular.

Being a general science of society this course is interdisciplinary and drawn from anthropology, psychology, economics, criminology and environmental studies. The programme also incorporates problems relating to globalization, social change, environment, mass media, crime and development.

The two year programme is framed  in such a way:

  • To familiarize students with various sociological paradigms and their applications in understanding complex social problems.
  • To foster critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling students to assess societal issues, policies, and trends from a sociological perspective.
  • To provide opportunities for practical experience, such as internships, fieldwork, or engagement with community organizations, to apply sociological knowledge in real-world settings.
  • To develop students’ research skills, including the ability to design and conduct empirical research, analyze data, and interpret findings.
  • To equip students with the tools and knowledge to become advocates for social change and leaders in addressing various societal issues.
Curriculum Structure:






Course 1

Basics of Sociology

Course 6

Modern theoretical Approaches in sociology

Course 11

Post-modern and Post- structural theories

Course 16

Social Demography

Course 2

Classical Sociological thought

Course 7

Sociology of Communication and


Course 12

Social Change and Development

Course 17

Sociology of Labour and Industry

Course 3

Indian Society –

Structure and


Course 8

Crime and Society

Course 13

Environmental sociology

Course 18 Human Resource Management
Course 4

Social Research Methods and Statistics

Course 9

Sociology of Urban Society

Course 14

Sociology of Technological Change and Globalization

Course 19

Sociology of Health and Medicine

Course 5

Gender and Society

Course 10

Social Anthropology

Course 15

Personality and Society

Course 20

Sociology of Kerala Society

Internship Dissertation Viva Voice
Careers after MA Sociology

 Higher Studies: PH. D in sociology or related fields from any esteemed institution .

Job Options: 

  • Teaching –Academician
  • Civil-and administrative service
  • Socialworker
  • Welfare Officer
  • Family counsellor
  • Research analyst
  • HRcoordinator
  • Publicrelations specialist
  • Schoolcounsellor
  • Sociologistat planning boards
  • Policyanalyst
  • Rehabilitationcounsellor
  • Probationary officer
  • CSR Coordinator
  • Social Auditor
  • Community  development officer