Psychological Counselling

Department of Psychology, East Campus offered an add-on course on “Psychological Counselling” . The session was led by Fr. Varghese Puducherry, Director, Santhwana Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Ernakulam along with Siji MM, Counsellor, Santhwana Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Ernakulam. Large number of the students from various departments of East campus enrolled for the course and all of them successfully completed the course as well.

Course Outcome
  • To develop a basic understanding about counselling skills and its relevance in a therapeutic relationship
  • To understand one’s personal strength and improve self-awareness to facilitate self-development
  • To enable students to cope with stress and alleviate anxiety and thereby enhance their mental health
  • To develop communication skills to articulate with clarity and coherence