Travel and Tourism

The Bachelor of commerce in Travel and Tourism, an undergraduate degree in commerce with a specialisation in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry is a programme with a strong foundation in Commerce and Management studies. The curriculum design is intended to fill the skill gap in the fast growing Tourism and Travel industry of both entrepreneurs and business professionals.
The curriculum transaction combines lectures with flip classroom practices such as presentations, discussions, brainstorming, demonstrations and field visits. The program has a strong Industry- institute Interface through guest talks, seminars, panel discussions etc.
The programme consists of 21 Core Courses in Commerce discipline amalgamated with implication of travel and tourism management , 4 Courses in English, 2 Courses in additional languages, 2 Complementary Courses (Banking and Insurance, Principles of Business Decisions), and 4 Optional courses in travel and tourism management for the last four semesters along with 1 Open course . In addition to this, the students are expected to prepare a research project in the final semester in order to acquire the required number of credits.

Curriculum Structure
Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester V Semester VI
Common Course I: English- 1 Common Course I: English- 2 Common Course: English- 3 Common Course: English- 4 Core Course 17: Cost Accounting Core Course 19:

Applied Cost Accounting

Common Course II Second Language1 Common Course II Second Language 2 Core Course 9:

Marketing Management

Core Course 13:

Capital Market   Special Accounting


Complementary 1

Banking and Insurance

Complementary 2

Principles of Business Decisions

Core Course 1: Business Statistics Core Course 5: Quantitative Techniques for Business Research Core Course 10: Corporate Accounting Core Course 14: Special Accounting Core Course 18: Environment Management Core Course 20: Practical Auditing
Core Course 2: Financial Accounting Core Course 6:


Core Course 11: E-Commerce and General Informatics Core Course 15:

Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management

Open Course Core Course 21: Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Core Course 3: Business Regulatory Framework Core Course 7:

Corporate Regulations

Core Course 12: Business Management Core Course 16:

Financial Service

Optional Course III       Travel and Tourism Infrastructure Optional Course Paper-IV

Hospitality Management

Core Course 4: Business Environment Core Course 8:

Business Communication and Management Information System

Optional Course 1  Fundamentals of Tourism Optional Course II Marketing of Tourism Project and Viva
Careers after B. Com (Travel and Tourism)

Higher Studies:
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Commerce (M.Com.), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.),
Master of Tourism Administration, FTTA

Job Options:
Hotel Manager, Event Planner, Airline Manager, Travel Agent.