Become a Start-UP CEO

An entrepreneur is born with the desire to being one’s own ‘boss”. It gives the

contentment and freedom of applying creativity, innovation, and self-motivation at the cost of taking business risks. The idea to start a business can be a new venue to pursue the new ideas for a new line of business, new strategic decision for an existing business house, or the realization that a business will create personal wealth which will never be earned by drawing a salary in a traditional job.

This course will explore the earlier stages of the entrepreneurial venture process, examine how entrepreneurs can develop new venture concepts, identify attractive market opportunities, build teams, create a business proposal, and find early adopter customers. The course will be focused on practical ideas, testimonies, and techniques that entrepreneurs can use to evaluate the potential of market opportunities and make decisions about whether to pursue them in a start-up company.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course the student will be able to

  • To demonstrate the understanding of the concept ofentrepreneurship
  • To describe the legal and regulatory aspect of abusiness
  • To analyse the scope ofbusiness
  • To judge the feasibility of a businesssuggestion
  • To create a business proposal to be submitted forfund